Where the Sun Sets

By: Ann Marie

Published April 6th 2010 by lulu

Category: Arts

Pages: 279 pages

ISBN: 9780557516650

"Where the Sun Sets"

I welcome reviews ~ good or bad...all I ask is that they be honest...reading the book first always helps...a negative or positive review from someone who has not read the book is not fair to other readers (not pointing fingers...cough cough)

Best friends since childhood, two women are forced to define that friendship when one is critically injured while protecting the other. While one woman must come to terms with past events she never stopped to notice, the other comes face to face with a past she fought hard to forget.

The story takes place during a twenty four hour period. Antonia Dal Santo spent her whole life protecting her best friend. Josephine Ferrero spent her whole life trying to become someone else. Protecting Josephine was Antonia's way of forgetting how no one protected her. Josephine was so busy acting she forgot who she really was. When Antonia is shot protecting Josephine, both women must face their own hidden truths, alone.